Client Testimonial

“For me choosing a kitchen company to design, build and install my kitchen in my 1840’s house was easy. Firstly having viewed many homes with the Big Box Store kitchens and the newest trend the Do It Yourself stores, I knew I wanted my kitchen to look original. As a real estate broker, I have seen it all. If you have the opportunity to build a room from scratch to fit one of these other all alike kitchens then by all means put yourself through the formidable puzzle of selecting which piece you “have to buy” to get the correct fit even though you don’t want that style or height of cupboard in that spot.   The other way is dream your kitchen and let WoodValley Kitchens and the owners Ray and Olga Dempsey in Dundas design and build exactly what you want in your space. Even down to fitting in a custom wine rack, or a pull out tea cupboard.   Not only that, they provide quality cabinetry, hardware, countertops, lighting suggestions and service.   They can look at an idea you have and build it. Not so with other places.   I have had my kitchen for 3 years and it is loved by me as much as it was the first day installation was complete. This kitchen not only fits the space exactly, it is one that complements an old home style with an up to date flare. This company is #1 on my list for kitchen companies and that is said with 37 years in real estate, seeing thousands of kitchens.”